26 March 2013

Calling all animators!

We're looking for anyone interested in 3D animation to help give life to our film :) (Riggers + 3D Animators!)

Honestly, we'd love to learn to animate in Maya ourselves, but with all of the other jobs to do, there just isn't enough time by the end of the masters course...

One thing to add: It will be summer work! We'd like to get in touch with you right away to plan ahead. We're looking to start rigging/animation properly from May on-wards. (we're quite busy in April) So get in touch as soon as possible!

This will give you a chance to experience a little of the Msc Animation & Visualisation course at DJCAD and get to know some new folks too. You're name will be in the credits, and we'll be screening the final film at the Masters Degree Show '13. 

E-mail alanna.lb@gmail.com to get in touch, and attach some examples of work you've done in the past. 

21 March 2013

Reference for Environment

Visited a 'cabin in the woods' surrounded by snow, with the types of trees we are basing our trees in our environment on. Should give a good idea about creating uneven ground as well as the snowy appearance, have a look (but ignore the lake, we don't got time fo' that!)...
I have more close-ups of tree textures if anyone wants them.

Modelling so far...

This is where all the basic prop models are at for the first room, the living room.

06 March 2013

New management tactics...

I have been very roughly introduced to Scrum and Moscow, which are management strategies used in software development... Even though we are not 'developing software', I find these tactics very helpful in organising the project and being able to see where it is at overall. Like in software design, we've got assets to create and an end product to show. It's as simple as putting a few post-it notes on a board. We'll be implementing this as we get started on creating the film's assets and hopefully this will push development forward a bit quicker and in a more organised way! It has been working for me so far!

21 February 2013

Color studies

Some studies of the color palette in order to balance the elements on the scene.
The studies go for a monochromatic look with analogous colors, but in some cases I added a complimentary color to create the contrast and focus the attention to the flower.

In the color study there are only plane colors, no lights or even shade, the purpose is to decide in the overall look, but the final result with lights and shaders is going to be very different.

31 January 2013

Mood Board... Last one!

Made together with Isabel, we have the final official mood board! This is a summary of all of the things we are referencing from up until now.

30 January 2013

Sketches of the house and a pic of the interior

Environments Inside House 'Mood Board'

I thought this might help with creating our rooms. Here are some environments from the game Amnesia. The environments really have an atmosphere about them and use lighting really well. In fact the lighting is really important in achieving the right atmosphere for the game. I'm not saying that we should make old style furniture (the game is set in the 1800's!) but we should aim to recreate the empty, lonely feeling you get from these rooms. 

Aaaaand here's some concept art from Up, the indoors of the house (sorry bout the poor quality! I'll try n get better quality pics or bring the book in...).

Tangled (I think I will try and find more concept art, good example of a small room):


Rough storyboards set out for the rethought script. This is the storyboards compiled, to be further developed as I create future animatics.

Light & Concept Art

I started working on the light and different concept approaches to visualize the story better, giving special attention to the light and the shadows casted by the sun.

I mixed different techniques to experiment and see which style could we could go for the story, without limitations.

 First Concept: Illustrated style and highly detailed, with traditional techniques.
Second Concept: blue & purple colors, with stylized trees.
Third Concept: Stylized and sharp edges with pastel palette and red.