23 November 2012

Character design

A quick update on the character design for the film- Since the story and concept are still being developed and the characters are yet to be finalized, I decided to go ahead and test out some silhouettes and character design styles that we could use. I tested some semi-realistic and stylized proportions.I personally enjoy doodling and testing character designs on ruled paper since it helps in comparing proportions quickly. (They also look pretty awful when used for anything other than that #lifelessons!)

I have attached a few of the face sketches that I tried out as well. The cubic design ( above) is without a mouth and is highly simplistic and minimal. And some oval and faceted faces with asymmetrical features (below). Lastly, I did a paint-over of one of the sketches to demonstrate the concept a bit better. 

'Making Of'

making_of_un_tour_de_manege from alexis liddell on Vimeo.

Matatoro (making of), Supinfocom Arles, 2010 from RECA on Vimeo.

12 November 2012

Character + Settings summed up (Updated!)

-The Forest: the forest needs designs for all 4 seasons, spring - summer - autumn - winter.
For the designs of the trees, I would look at images of Scottish woods. The forest needs to look thick and have depth.
Reference examples:

 -The cottage: 'cute' & quite small... Two floors are needed, a window at the front, and a window at the top of the house needed. A front door needs to be visible, and there could possibly be a back door. Reference: (google 'cottage in the woods' for more)
Good reference for shape of house, minus the ladders because it needs to be grounded.

-Interiors: I was thinking tree trunks/forest elements could be considered as part of the design. It will need to be a little darker, and more 'pristine' in contrast with the outside, to represent the girl being subjugated to the indoors. Needs some 'homely' appearance/elements like a fire place, ornaments, photos. What comes to mind is the rooms from Divya's reference video the Taxidermist, the Snow White dwarves' house & the house from Pixar's UP. Key areas: (rooms with windows) front room (living/dining area?), and bedroom (w/ window).

-Rose: I would like the rose to be an unusually coloured rose. I was thinking a 'blue' rose, which is very rare, but actually has purple colour tones. That, or something completely unusual and made up. 
Ref: (Blue Moon rose)

Characters: TBC(to be confirmed)!!
-Wife (when outdoors): For the girl designs I'm allowing some liberty at this point in time, but we need to determine what she'll be wearing and her hair and the colours for both of these. For the colours of these clothes think bright colours or pastels, greens... Anything that associates with spring or summer. I think her design should be light and airy, reflected in outdoor/summer wear, and the bright colours. Take reference from real fashion styles, you can branch out into fantasy, but nothing that is too undefined. 

-Wife (indoors): This is obviously a design that will relate to the outdoor design, but show her in different clothing. We will desaturate her skin tone and hair colour, as well as her clothing choices, to virtually b&w tones. So colour choices of her clothes should be shades of grey, mauve, taupe... dull colours. I would also love to see her in lots of layers, like what you would wear for winter in an extremely cold country. 

Reference: lookbook.nu is a good source for different outfit ideas.

-Husband/Woodsman: He is a working man, so his clothing will reflect his job. He works in the woods so I was thinking a woodsman, or like a lumberjack. He must look quite strong and protective. The main colour choices for his outfit and hair should be blacks, reds/and or blues... to show his oppressive characteristics. The fact that he is tough but also a little cold towards his wife. 

-Other secondary characters:
  • Animals of the woods
  • Dark/threatening animals - reference wolves, wild cats, etc.

Overall colours and lighting:
As discussed, over the course of the story the seasons will develop and change to reflect the changing relationship between the characters. A study of how to light and colour will affect each frame of the story will be needed.

11 November 2012

Mood broad of the project:Roses and Dust

Quite like the inflatted modellings of the character,so I collected some girls with big head and Three head body,and also the guy with the long legs,but that could be more complicated in modelling and animation modules .And I also find some references for the enviornment ,and the color as well.

Short film marathon

UN TOUR DE MANEGE from alexis liddell on Vimeo.

The lighthouse keeper from maïlys vallade on Vimeo.

MATATORO from Matatoro Team on Vimeo.

A SHADOW OF BLUE from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

Goat & Aaron from Gabe Askew on Vimeo.

These are some of the films that I found interesting during a short film marathon. Not surprisingly, three of them are from french film schools. I found the use of abstract concepts and visuals most appealing about the films.

06 November 2012


Gathering a list of interesting gardens in Scotland that would be great if we could get a chance to go visit for visual research purposes. You can also find pictures from these places on flickr, etc.

http://jupiterartland.org/visit/opening (only open in summer :()
http://www.enchantedforest.org.uk/about-us/about (also think this has now ended, but we can find a photo gallery at this link)

http://www.scotlandsgardens.org/search.aspx?type=reguarly (just a list of gardens in Scotland open all year)

04 November 2012

Movie Sequences

Looking at short movies that involve more camera movement, and small instances of animation, so I took a few examples from movie title designs... A Series of Unfortunate Events titles has a story-book feel to it:

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Here's also a video I think a student made? Very simple animation but I think it looks quite nice... a title sequence for a made up movie, looks inspired by the A Series of Unfortunate Events one.

The comic book scene from Kick-Ass. Similar style to the Coldplay video Victoria posted, mostly camera movements and some animation so this is something we could achieve. But instead of comic book, think fairy tale/story book styles and apply that.

Dexter mini webisodes... Popular television shows release mini 'webisodes' like this. With nice cuts and camera movements, all is needed is a narrator and nicely rendered illustrations (I'm assuming they made these in after effects, and over a short time frame!). I think we should try to aim more for the quality of the Kick-Ass scene and Coldplay video, with 3D modelling in the sequence, but I like the visual style/narration on these (we could do better!).

Also highly recommend watching all of Axis Animation's mini Sucker Punch films (similar techniques to above films). P.S. that film has amazing VFX!!

Sucker Punch - Feudal Warrirors from axisanimation on Vimeo.

Big post but lots of videos to enjoy :)

02 November 2012

Non Photo-realistic render (NPR)

I am quite fascinated by the use of different techniques to simulate hand-made/ drawn looks for animated films using 3D and am interested in learning more about it. I think that this allows space to extend your personal style in 3D. Matatoro is one good example that I came across that uses NPR. Watch the film here.