04 November 2012

Movie Sequences

Looking at short movies that involve more camera movement, and small instances of animation, so I took a few examples from movie title designs... A Series of Unfortunate Events titles has a story-book feel to it:

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Here's also a video I think a student made? Very simple animation but I think it looks quite nice... a title sequence for a made up movie, looks inspired by the A Series of Unfortunate Events one.

The comic book scene from Kick-Ass. Similar style to the Coldplay video Victoria posted, mostly camera movements and some animation so this is something we could achieve. But instead of comic book, think fairy tale/story book styles and apply that.

Dexter mini webisodes... Popular television shows release mini 'webisodes' like this. With nice cuts and camera movements, all is needed is a narrator and nicely rendered illustrations (I'm assuming they made these in after effects, and over a short time frame!). I think we should try to aim more for the quality of the Kick-Ass scene and Coldplay video, with 3D modelling in the sequence, but I like the visual style/narration on these (we could do better!).

Also highly recommend watching all of Axis Animation's mini Sucker Punch films (similar techniques to above films). P.S. that film has amazing VFX!!

Sucker Punch - Feudal Warrirors from axisanimation on Vimeo.

Big post but lots of videos to enjoy :)

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